The end of classic rock on 94.7

94.7’s classic rock has ended with Erasure’s A Little Respect, ELP’s Fanfare for the Common Man, Jeff Buckley’s Last Goodbye, and a well-deserved moment of silence. You can see logs of the final hours here.

The new Fresh 94.7 format has begun with an ad for itself and Pink’s Get This Party Started. Nothing says fresh music like fall 2001.

13 thoughts on “The end of classic rock on 94.7”

  1. 94.7 was on my radio when I started the car this morning. I heard a commercial for them doing Commercial Free Mondays from 8-6 (for “today’s fresh music”), so I figured I’ll try to listen to the new station at least today, even though I am still fuming about the change. But it’s 9:15 a.m. (Eastern) now, and some of the songs are making my ears hurt! Keep Bleedin’ Love and What a Girl Wants are two especially painful songs to me, and I’ve heard them both already! And wasn’t Ironic from the early 90s? What is the definitiion of “today”? I’m a 44-year-old female, and I can’t stand this music. Not all of us females like this crap better than good classic/current/alternative/adult album alternative rock music! About 1/2 of BIG 100.3’s playlist can be heard on WASH, MIX107 and TrueOlides1059. We need a station with good rock music. I think my radio at work will be turned off by noon, or I’ll have to be carted away.

  2. I can’t agree with you more Catherine, except that 94.7 was what my alarm clock was set to, so imagine having to wake up to that crap! Ugh. I’ve sent the below e-mail to all CBS radio addresses I can find. I truly despise the new 94.7 format!! I hope this station bombs, and quickly.
    Good morning,
    As of this morning, because of your company, another decent and listenable radio station in the Nation’s Capital has turned to broadcasting musical garbage, like so many radio stations that play the same old top 40 unoriginal recycled garbage. I’m referring to WARW formerly Arrow 94.7 and which then was the Globe 94.7 which I believe was the only station in DC to play “classic” rock. Now we are subjected to the same old boring junk the rest of the stations play. Why create another top 40 station where there are so many others like it? If I wanted to listed to recycled top 40 junk, I’d listen to those stations. I don’t want to listen to the boring junk 94.7 now plays, so I have already changed my station to something else. Regrettably there really isn’t much that isn’t horrible to listen to in the morning in DC, so the pickings are slim, but at least a few things are better than the newly reformatted 94.7. In addition, some of the truly knowledgeable and well known and talented DJs that were long timers in the DC rock scene were employed at this station, and the more recent Albee D was a pleasant part of my weekday mornings. I truly hate your new station format; please bring Classic Rock back to DC. Thank you very much for your attention to my comments.
    K Prescott, Fairfax, VA

  3. What did they do with Cerphe? And why is it that you google The Globe and they refer to it as an alternative station? I loved the Globe when it was a triple A/Classic rock hybrid. I knew something up when Cerphe said that they were clearing the prize closet, and they were playing modern rock songs without explanation.

  4. I was truly dissappointed to hear Justine Timberlake when I tuned in this afternoon. As soon as I heard J.T. on there I was like “Oh, no!” it’s over! No more 94.7 the Globe! Such a great classic rock station! I was really getting into this rock era even though I’m grew up in the 80’s new wave, alternative side of music. Big 100.3 is not nearly as good as the classic rock that 94.7 used to play. You’ll never catch me on 94.7 now because it’s not “Fresh” to me just plain old “Stale”!

    Please bring back 94.7 The Globe, classic rock!!!

  5. Catherine, Karin, Ray, Eric, thanks much for stopping by and writing. Can’t say I was a fan of the new format during my commutes today either. I heard a few songs I liked — sounds like DCRTV Dave found the same — and a lot I didn’t. When HFS switched to El Zol, most of the HFS listeners couldn’t understand the new format, but at least they could bet a lot of other people would like it a lot. (And El Zol’s great ratings have proven that out.) This time, not so much. To Catherine’s point, yeah, it’s hard to see Mix 107.3 getting concerned.

    To CBS radio’s credit, letting the 94.7 DJs talking about the impending change on air last week — and letting them play pretty much whatever they wanted, to awesome effect — was a truly decent thing to do, I think. Could they have made different decisions earlier, like, as many folks have said, letting the Globe be all it could be? For sure. But I give them some respect for ending things on a classy note.

    If you’re looking for Cerphe, the Post had a nice A1 story about him Saturday. He’s headed to JFK for some music specials.

    Last thing: Eric, I gotta stick up for Timberlake. :) It’s the pop and hip-hop love in me … a continuation from back in the day when 104.1 was a great oldies station. (Before — circle of life — Big 100.3 grabbed its ratings.) But I hear you. You tune in and expect to hear a format you love, and it’s just not there any more.

  6. As far as sticking up for Timberlake I like him in the SNL context (he’s pretty funny) but I am not into his music. As I am typing I am listening to 94.7 on my computer and I can see already this will not work out since they apparently cannnot get enough of their “Fffffrrreeessshhhh” sound effect. Wow! Someone was really clever! They are promoting themselves as updated and current but, if I am correct, the buzzword “fresh” has been around since the late 80’s (actually earlier) i.e the Fresh Prince of Bel Air…..

  7. Even my two teenagers are upset about the change. They both listened to the station when it was The Globe. Now they hate it. I actually quit listening to it when it changed from alternative to plain classic — not so much because of the new format, but because of some of the right-wing commercials I was hearing.

  8. We need Classic Rock in DC. 94.7 has changed formats ‘sort of’ a couple of times but always got back on the classic ‘track’ and the DJs were so great. Now we have ‘whatever this is’ on 94.7 and its terrible. AND no DJs…huh? There are so many stations with that same kind of music for the younger set but we Baby Boomers are a huge part of the radio audience and we want our Classic Rock. When WBIG changed from ‘true oldies’ I was upset as I love that too but they went Classic so that was fine and now its the only game in town for anyone who wants to listen tol music and artists that stand the test of time unlike most of the ‘flash in the pan’ stuff they play on Fresh 94.7..argh! 94.7 has made a humongous mistake and hope they pay for it.

  9. This was a terrible move on CBS’s part. I won’t repeat what everyone has said, as I share their disappointment, but I can say that I will never listen to or watch another CBS affiliated program again. I will reconsider if they revert back from these dreary no-talent musicians to the original rock that was once 94.7 as we knew it.

  10. After just about a month of “trying” the new Fresh 94.7, I have officially removed it from my preset stations. I now spend most of my time on flipping around XM radio (which really is not all that it is cracked up to be) or on my iPod.

    I have to say that I just don’t get the marketing of “Fresh.” I want my produce and meats to be “fresh”, I want my music to be eclectic–which is what 94.7 The Globe was until its brief return to classic rock (ironically just before its death and “Fresh” re-birth). Ugh!!

    I know there is not a ton of $$ in radio, but if anyone, anyone at all out there can hear me…please, please (yes I am begging here) create a radio station that plays The Stones, The Shins, Zeppelin, REM, The Killers, and 10,000 Maniacs all in the same mix. Please, leave Pink and Timberlake to the other stations like 92.3 and 107.3. And if you can get him to come back, put Cerphe back on. The guy knows music and how to do radio. Do that, and you will make my preset station list once again.

  11. Jean, Dona, TB, M Walker, Melissa, thank you all for visiting and writing in. I have to admit… I’ve had the good fortune to be away from local radio for the past 2-3 weeks, out of town or riding the Metro to a different job site than usual, and it’s been great. I’m a little interested to return to my regular commute tomorrow and hear how awful Fresh is now, but a possible Metro slogan comes to mind… “Underground… the only place Fresh 94.7 can’t find you…”

  12. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on it. I still can’t listen to the station. On that first day they played too many songs I don’t like, and a lot of songs I didn’t know and didn’t like once I did hear them. I haven’t re-set my car radio 947 preset yet, because I don’t know what to change it to, and every once in a while I’ll hit it (it’s the 1st spot) by mistake. Nine out of ten times it’s either a song I don’t know or don’t like! Hasn’t the station bombed yet? Any chance it will and soon? Montgomery County needs good rock stations like Baltimore has.

  13. After two days of listening, two commutes each day… it’s a niche … finally niche radio in DC, right?! … that I’m not sure anyone wants. I’m a station-flipper, changing the station who knows how many times each drive, so it’s hitting me right every now and then. But rarely compared to the Globe or the fallback classic rock format. It was so relaxing to hear XRT in Chicago a couple weeks ago and not even think about changing the station. First time in a long time I’d felt like that. Felt like I saw more of the city and had better conversations with others in the car.

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