Do they also deny Cheerios’ claims of awesomeness?

The FDA is demanding Cheerios pull its marketing claims of lowering your cholesterol. While admitting Cheerios may be healthy, the FDA says only approved drugs can make such claims, leading to the ABC News headline, “FDA: Don’t advertise Cheerios as a drug.”

The demand comes to General Mills in a letter from W. Charles Becoat, director of the FDA’s Minneapolis District Offce, “Your Cheerios ® product is misbranded within the meaning of section 403(r)(1)(B) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 343(r)(1)(B)] because it bears unauthorized health claims in its labeling.” Other sections also cause trouble. Confiscation is threatened. You have to wonder what Mr. Becoat eats for breakfast. 

In Digital Journal, a writer sides with the FDA. She writes, “What would be hysterically funny would be if Cheerios could prove their ‘studies‘ were accurate, and eating Cheerios really does lower cholesterol, the FDA would have to declare it a ‘drug’ and we’d need prescriptions to buy it at the super market.” Lady, you got a strange idea of funny. 

cheerios-drugAd Age says public sentiment is on Cheerios’ side in this. Rush Limbaugh is. From Wednesday, “Imagine if somebody were to put sugar on their Cheerios: oh, my God, what would the FDA do then? Actually, General Mills does: they’re called Honey Nut Cheerios. That’s a gateway drug here, folks.” A Big Money column looks at the partisan debate.

As for myself… this blogger has no interest in partisanship. But we do know this blogger has a problem. Paraphernalia’s strewn about this druggie’s glass coffee table this very moment (at right).

In a story today about tech crazes, NYT’s David Pogue writes, “You’ve never seen 1,000 people camping out to be the first in line to buy, say, a new flavor of Cheerios or the latest Gap jeans.” True. But I’ve never been given the opportunity. Bring on Cheerio madness! I need it bad.

2 thoughts on “Do they also deny Cheerios’ claims of awesomeness?”

  1. A few things, the old holiday commercial for Honey Nut Cheerios with good old Scrooge has a few changes, one of which being a new tagline, “Nobody can say no . . . ” That’s a red warning sign for possible addiction right there.

    And I might fight for the last box of Banana Nut Cheerios if it ever came down to it. They’re that good.

  2. I love the Internet. The Scrooge commercial was awesome, and I have to admit I like it even more than Honey Nut Cheerios. (Insert long digression on coated Cheerios that no one I’ve ever met agrees with). Video link!

    On Banana Nut, e-mail me. I bought two boxes and found with the first box I have no love. (Again, insert long digression on coated Cheerios that no one I’ve ever met agrees with). I will seriously mail you the box just to find a caring home for it.

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