Glad to see the Obamas diversifying their burgers

Whatever your politics, if your heart is split between neighborhood burger joints, you hate to see the world giving one love over another. So, while it was nice to see Obama and Biden appreciating Ray’s Hell Burger, where this blog totally got its money worth with the $20 foie-gras-plus-truffle-oil burger, I’ve been feeling a little bad for the area’s other great burgers, especially the friendly monsters from Five Guys. 

But we get good news in yesterday’s Post: Michelle Obama and friends have not only gone for burgers at Good Stuff, but they’ve apparently been to Five Guys as well. I’m rooting for Elevation Burger next. Five Guys has Elevation beat on fries, but burger-wise it’s a tough call and Elevation’s chocolate chip oatmeal pecan cookies are kinda amazing.

3 thoughts on “Glad to see the Obamas diversifying their burgers”

  1. Keep an eye out for The Counter coming to D.C., they’ve been expanding all over the place recently. The original is about four blocks from my place in Santa Monica, and they do a faaaaaaantastic build-a-burger. Caveat: I have not been to any of the franchised locations since I’m so damn close to the original, so I can’t vouch that they’re all equal.

  2. Looks good to me. I like how the Flash intro starts with a beer. The burger trends in DC haven’t gone there yet.

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