5 thoughts on “Now open but I wasn’t tempted”

  1. So now that you had West Coast Stanford yogurt, you can’t go here??? Seriously, it’s pretty decent and at least gives you a chance to relive Palo Alto Feb ’09. You should go!

  2. The Fruz people got to you, did they? The Fruzers? They’re everywhere, with their slicked-back hair and switchblades… As far as mockery goes, Stanford gets a Mike Mussina exemption from everything.

  3. I went today and loved my smoothie!! It was gone in about 2 minutes — which is about standard for both smoothies and ice cream. But I must admit, I’m itching to go back to actually try a yogurt+fruit concotion. :)

  4. I realize the train-heavy food court must leave you yearning for other local options, but the Fruze, really? What does ice and fruit do for you that Auntie Anne’s pretzels don’t? Come on now.

  5. One word: Lightness. I see Auntie Anne’s and my stomach sinks. Yogen Fruz makes it smile.

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