There was a line at my barbershop before it opened

You hear that, 11g? I was the fifth person there before the barber arrived to open shop this morning, coming up the hill from where he lives in my apartments, and smiling at the crowd leaning against the wall and sitting on the ledges. It was 9, and I’d already been to the post office (music and ticket mailing!), CVS for a card and then the parking lot farmer’s market. Picked up a pound of pumpkin ravioli and butter croissant and ate the croissant hungry waiting for the barber.

He wasn’t the one who cut my hair today. The guy next to him did. The barber in my building is likely the owner, but I don’t know. I do know he has customers who wait for him. They even pass up other barbers there like the guy who cut my hair today (and did fine). They pass up other barbers like the third barber there today, the amazing-looking girl barber with the long dark hair and the low-cut T-shirt. Even if this blog does keep a whole category index about barbershops, I’m never going to love a barber enough to be in line and pass this girl by.

Next it was over the bridge and into the District. Again there was good light, warm rain outside, and I walked to Foggy Bottom for Turning the Page’s Carpe Librum used book sale. I used to say I was the kind of person who could spend all kinds of time in record shops but not used bookstores, but now I’ve kinda gotta admit I’m both. I spent an hour or two easy in the boxes and shelves. Came away with a decent bag. On the book side, it was Nick Hornby How to be Good; Jane Leavy Sandy Koufax; Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller Live from New York; and Steve Martin Shopgirl. On the CD side, Kings of Leon debut Youth and Young Manhood; Loretta Lynn Van Lear Rose; Pretenders The Singles; and because it was there and in sixth grade I failed to trade my older and smarter cousin Tim for the cassette, Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em.

It was good to find Shopgirl last. I’d wandered the store for maybe half an hour looking for one more book, one that felt conclusive. That did it.

The sale runs through May 15th, and all money raised supports TTP’s literacy programs with D.C. public elementary schools. The books this year are in The Shops at 2000 Penn, on the edge of GW’s campus, and my $2 coupon-toward-next-purchase is yours if that gets you to go.

From a wall near the back of the book sale space, the text reads:

James McCain III, Grade 2
Martin Luther King JR., Elementary, Ms. Awuyno-Akaba  

My dad and I listen to a record player. My favorite record is Jimi Hendrix because he plays rock and roll. We just sit down. My dad teaches me how to play the guitar. I do not know all the scales but I still like playing the guitar. I wrestle when the music is on because it is fun. I do because I can’t go outside. It is fun to listen to records on the weekends.




Saw this military helicopter heading up the Potomac on the trip home.

Got a sandwich on my way, knocked off Step Brothers DVD from Netflix, Wilco’s Ashes of American Flags (post to come) from Record Store Day, a load of dishes, and four of laundry to catch up on the last few work weeks. Opened a bottle of cheap-but-friendly red wine and cooked up half the pumpkin ravioli with butter and romano good off the grater.

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