When the camera’s as good as the rapper and video producer

Via Crumbler, NYU Nyle’s Let the Beat Build is the best music video I’ve seen in a long while. But beyond the music, you should get to know the camera behind it. I normally skip digital vs. film stories, but Wired’s fall article on the Red camera is so wild you expect it to be a hoax

His team of engineers and scientists have created the first digital movie camera that matches the detail and richness of analog film. The Red One records motion in a whopping 4,096 lines of horizontal resolution–“4K” in filmmaker lingo–and 2,304 of vertical. For comparison, hi-def digital movies like Sin City and the Star Wars prequels top out at 1,920 by 1,080, just like your HDTV. (There’s also a slightly higher-resolution option called 2K that reaches 2,048 lines by 1,080.) Film doesn’t have pixels, but the industry-standard 35-millimeter stock has a visual resolution roughly equivalent to 4K. And that’s what makes the Red so exciting: It delivers all the dazzle of analog, but it’s easier to use and cheaper–by orders of magnitude–than a film camera. 

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