Pic: What attacked my windows?

My guess? Vampire bats. My apartment building’s guess? Some kind of weather phenomenon, like hail. But the building admits it’s not totally sure on that one yet. So… vampire bats stay on the table.

Whatever ripped into my apartment and others chose the right time to hit: a summer Friday night. Like I learned a long time ago from either the Hardy Boys or a Choose Your Own Adventure book, if you used ice at night for a summer crime, the evidence was gone by morning. The culprit in The Case of Old Cooper’s Studio was able to slash my screen, crack a window and do far more damage to neighbors. Glass covered our sidewalk and lot, and a team arrived to begin repairs. Damn bats.


4 thoughts on “Pic: What attacked my windows?”

  1. My guess is that since Friday night was the night of the crazy thunderstorm that killed folks up at Conn Ave/ East-West Hwy, that a gust of wind picked up a projectile and hurled it at your window.

  2. That is the work of vampire bats. Cover up that hole, because I bet they strike twice.

  3. The building called me Saturday morning as I ate peach frozen yogurt at a roadside market to tell me they were on top of it. I can only assume they have a countervampire expert on contract. With projectiles… you’d think I would’ve noticed something in my apartment if that had happened. But I totally missed the crack in the window, so who knows. I was in a good mood Friday night, so there could have been a Subaru in my bedroom that I missed.

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