Question for friends with asthma

Need your advice here. Was diagnosed last winter (the season Patrick Cooper broke down) and felt the first issues in a while tonight. Played soccer here, had legs for miles, ran out of air after half an hour, hurled behind some trees to clear the pipes enough, headed home, took a hit on the inhaler, took a shower, breathed. I’m very frustrated at all this. I thank the Salzburg Parks Dept. for the groves of trees and apologize.

Having come to diagnosis later than most folks, I missed the whole conversation of tips and tricks that people had on rec soccer, church basketball and Little League teams. The halfway funny thing: Didn’t have great lungs at that point, but I figured I was just out of shape. With serious practices twice a week in all three of those sports for years, the only thing actually out of shape was probably my brain.

So,¬†asthmatic friends (I just learned how to spell “asthmatic”), have any good tips? Comment, e-mail, whatever. All appreciated, thanks.

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  1. I found that heading it off early made all the difference, especially since once it kicked in it took forever to get rid of. Take a puff from your inhaler before you exercise if you think asthma is at all likely to happen. I used to get it when I exercised somewhere cold and this made all the difference for me.

    Depends what brings it on for you personally too. Get to know the factors – if you start to feel any wheezing, take it easy, don’t push yourself as it’ll just make it worse.

    Hope that helps.

  2. hey .. I missed your diagnosis. Welcome to the club, and sorry to have you join! I’d say the biggest tip for this situation is you need to warm up more before hitting the field. Quick-burst activity is really tough on “our” lungs, and once you compromise, it’s harder to recover. So some mellow laps would help. If it continues, you may need to use your inhaler before exercise, which I’m guessing from the fact you leave yours at home means you’re not wanting to use it much. I get that, but if you need it, you need it. Anyway, play with the warm ups and see how that helps. I’ve had this since I was 10,and live with about 55% lung capacity. But it ain’t slowin me down! anytime you want a tip, holla :)

  3. So, I am not asthmatic, but during a project that included going to a mine everyday – short after having bronchitis – my lungs got very bad and I would be out of breath quite often. I remember Internet being my source of information, particularly maybe if you search “tips for exercise”, or something like that, you might find something.

  4. These are great tips, thank you so much. Folks here in Salzburg have chimed in with a few more. Glad to be in the club with you! I’ll definitely be keeping all of this in mind going forward. My feet turned out to be more coordinated than I remembered, and I’d like to get more time on the field.

  5. Always try to remain in a place that is airy and oxygenated. Also remain careful during season changes, mainly changes to winter. Try to remain tension-free and keep an inhaler handy. And DON’T SMOKE. You can also use the internet for allergy and asthma information of your place by accessing the website and typing a?.

    Tony Smith

  6. i have a mild Asthma which comes and go. my doctor just prescribes me with Corticosteroids to alleviate the symptoms of Asthma. i am still looking for a natural and alternative way to control asthma.

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