This is why Jesus invented the rock concert

And other ways I thought of beginning my U2 Fedex Field review.

-The world’s biggest band wants to be the universe’s biggest band.

-My ticket was $120. It would’ve been worth $120 without the band.

-I got dizzy watching Vertigo on the screens, and it was awesome.


-How isĀ I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight that much better live?

-Only U2: Bono spots a turbaned Sikh fan waving a U.S. flag, pulls him on stage. They sing. Bono also pulls a child out of nowhere to run laps.

-I want a swinging light-up steering wheel microphone at my job.

-Live NFL directors used to impress me. Now they need to step it up.

-The Claw! At one point, I thought there was an invisibility effect.

-Only U2: The stadium of 80,000 felt like an arena of 20,000.

-It’s possible nearly everyone I know was at U2 tonight.

(Running tally from Twitter and Fb, will update as needed: Carlos, Jeff, Mollie, Joel, Brian, Sean, Korina, Juan, Jon, Everett, Matt, Greg, Jessica, Lauren, Sarah, Mike, Julie, Mary, Sara, Tricia, Susan, Carl, Armen, Jim.)

2 thoughts on “This is why Jesus invented the rock concert”

  1. two things
    1 – add Cousin Tim to your list (per earlier post); glad the fam is ok.
    2 – did you make it in time to see any of MUSE? if so, what’d you think?

    video board (and video content) was off the hook!!

  2. Caught MUSE’s last 3-4 songs, pretty good! Had no idea they’d done that song I’d heard on the radio. That was where the video boards began to blow me away — was liking watching them in a music video. However they directed the shots, I want to sit down and interview them on how they do it! Amazing pace of cuts, even beyond the preplanned effects.

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