If Jason Mraz did the ‘New Moon’ soundtack in Spanish

Alex Cuba challenges the Equinox-meeting Death Cab boys for 2009’s best pop-vampire song. Friend Elaine at NPR tweets and introduces me to Cuba’s Vampiro. The lyrics appear only a few places online, and no English translations surface. To fix, here’s my attempted mix of Google Translate, Altavista Babefish and a few guesses. Your edits welcome.

I’m here
I came looking for
Your heart
Because you I don’t forget
And as if it were
The more furious one
I’ll steal you away
You make me a vampire

Without breathing
I’d kiss you
No matter where,
I have the night as a friend
And more than reason to live
I will follow you
Pretending to be your vampire
And in a black suit
I’ll always fly to meet you
There’s nothing further
When the wind brings your scent to me
And I know that you
Love what’s ours
And don’t say it’s a secret
It’s a perfect love

Tonight I want to be with you
Hidden loving each other
Being a vampire of your love

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