Nothing starts the day like Mayer-hatin’

Selective aggregation? Yes. But listening earlier… gloriously confirmed.

Financial Times, the entire review from the respected salmon periodical: “Who Says opens with the bold line “Who says I can’t get stoned?” but there’s nothing intoxicating about John Mayer’s unassuming soft-rock, with its plodding tempo, smooth vocals and polished bluesy solos. The soporific blandness recalls Eric Clapton at his 1980s worst.”

Hartford Courant: “Call it his wallpaper album.”

Daily News: “… Battle Studies puts the star in considerable peril: If he’s not careful, he might turn into the Phil Collins of his generation.”

The Washington Post, best of all: “Sting at least had a good run as a post-punk icon before settling down to a life of castles and fustiness and earnest adult contemporary songs about nuclear war. But since his debut, the 32-year-old Mayer has aimed for the middle of the road like a lukewarm-seeking missile.” And closing the fine review: “But for Mayer, whose whip-smart interviews and richly documented dating life suggest that an actual interesting person resides underneath all that hair, teeth and fondness for metaphors, such musical innocuousness is unforgivable. Merely by existing, Battle Studies violates Internet Rule 17: Never let your Twitter account be more interesting than you are.”

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