U2 remix for your post-Thanksgiving workout

After the turkey, the gravy and the pie, here’s the “Adam K and Soha Club Mix” of Magnificent. The original is one of the better songs on No Line on the Horizon, but the remix is easily twice as good. Good for U2 for releasing it. Available on iTunes, Amazon and elsewhere.

This song, of course, got me Googling for what serious U2 fans see as the best remixes over the band’s career. A “Top 8 Alternative Songs” essay surfaced on atU2.com with a remix atop the list and interesting interpretations of “alternative” in the other seven slots. Nearly all sent me to YouTube for listening, but the remix was the best of the bunch: Francois Kevorkian’s 1983 New Year’s Day. His take meshes vocal/lyric outtakes and released bits with an extended, airy version of the beat.

(And, yes, Orbit’s Electrical Storm. But the original is what’s new to me.)

5 thoughts on “U2 remix for your post-Thanksgiving workout”

  1. fyi, being a u2 itunes catalog owner (thanks to the u2 ipod deal), i’ve had the pleasure of having that New Years Day mix for a few years. It is a b-side on the “Two Hears Beat As One” single/ep if you’re looking for the music.

  2. Good stuff, listening now. Jeff, do you still get new benefits from that ownership? Was looking the other day and saw some of the previous live shows in that bundle aren’t available anymore.

  3. any thoughts on the remix of “i’ll go crazy if i don’t go crazy tonight” they did at our show???

    (i’m a big fan, but i’m curious if it’s just cause i was a live U2 virgin till that show :)

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