A Salzburg student, right on the truth

From my friend Sara’s blog:

These social networking sites became more than distractions from our schoolwork and means to waste time.  They became a new way of communication that I had never taken advantage of before.  How else could you read an article and have the link spread to 100 people within a matter minutes?  At one of our first classes, I learned that much of the violence in Iran was known to the rest of the world through Twitter and YouTube.  The violence against protesters in Iran was known around the world through a video on YouTube about the murder of a young woman named Neda who was shot by a member of the Basij, a volunteer-based Iranian paramilitary force.  That single YouTube video was picked up by CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC resulting in Neda becoming a symbol of rebellion amongst protesters.  That’s the power of social networking; when Parker Hall becomes a forum for constant communication, when information can be spread worldwide in a matter of seconds and when the observation of a single person can turn into a nation’s rebellious cry.

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