How you take person-on-the-street to the next level

If you are J. Freedom du Lac of the Post, you give your story strong framing: “In Washington, the story of Gilbert Arenas and his guns is yet another in a long line of sports embarrassments for a town that has a tough time finding winners. But in the rest of the country….”

Your first local quote comes from the mayor even though he’d talked to someone else. It’s solid. “I think a lot of what people will think about this incident is, is he truly remorseful? Does he want to change?”

You find relevant streets to add context, like “… while standing on Abe Pollin Way, the one-block stretch of F Street NW named for the late Wizards owner, who dropped the team’s old name, the Bullets, in 1997 because of violent crime rates in Washington and the assassination of his friend, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.”

And such as those streets around the court where a grand jury has begun hearing evidence on Arenas and the Wizards. There, you find possibly my new favorite person-on-the-street paragraph.

“Gil needs to be serious,” said Tommie Williams, who was on his way to a pretrial drug test at D.C. Superior Court. (“Coke charge,” he shrugged.) “Guns — that’s a serious offense in D.C. He’s gonna find out.”

Good too, the tweets amid reporting. Cool for du Lac and Story Lab.

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