I stand with the man who plays John Denver too loud

The man got a $208.50 citation, but I’ve now ripped Denver’s Greatest Hits to iTunes in his honor. You bet I owned the CD. The money grafs:

After a few minutes, the officer knocked again. This time the man who rents the apartment opened the door. When asked why the music was so loud, he told police he was “rocking out.”

“Depending on your theory of rocking out,” neighbor Jeff Krenz said. “I’m not really a fan of John Denver, but I guess the guy might think it’s good music.”

The man wouldn’t talk on camera, but tells FOX 11 he was a bit intoxicated and enjoying his music while cooking. He says he heard the knock, but his food was burning so he didn’t answer.

My Gannett family broke this story in the Fond du Lac Reporter, and we should be thankful for that. But Green Bay’s WLUK made the story real.

Previously: I defend John Denver in April 2004. And June 2004. And February 2009. And I didn’t even blog about cousin Matt’s wedding.

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