What’s your favorite part of the 1972 book about life in 2010?

Probably: “The toast starts life as ordinary sliced bread. An arm in the toaster picks up the bread and passes it in front of heating elements. When it is toasted, the arm throws you the toast.” Or the shower.

Find your favorite at 2010: Living in the future | the book.

Related: When will the transparent toaster come to America? “Now hungry users can watch as they brown baguettes, muffins, crumpets, buns and teacakes to perfection and take them out at just before they become too crispy.” Link via Jess. Toast can’t be too crispy but still…

Another take on the transparent toaster? “Misleadingly Named New Magimix Kitchen Gadget Is Just a Torture Chamber for Toast.”

And a take with great video: “Magimix knows they have something incredible, ahem, cooking with this thing. That has to be why they made this video about their toaster, complete with music that sounds like it came out of a late-night social encounter commercial.”

Last thing? A story exploring why we like toast and how toast is born.

When you make toast, you are activating something called the Maillard reaction on the surface of the bread. The Maillard reaction is what causes the browning to occur. The heat inside the toaster boils off the moisture on the surface of the bread, and then the surface gets hot enough for the Maillard reaction to take place. It is a reaction that appeals to the senses. We see the result of the reaction as browning. Sugars and proteins combine together to create the pleasant flavors and smells that we associate with toast.

2 thoughts on “What’s your favorite part of the 1972 book about life in 2010?”

  1. Haha! I never thought toast could be so exciting. I have to agree with the comment on the video’s music. Leave it to the French to nuance kitchen appliance commercials with sensuality.

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