Here’s how you take your first vacation day of 2010

Lindsay flew in last night on her way from Guatemala to Taiwan. Told tales of writing and mini-quakes before passing out on the blue couch. Then today came, and we celebrated my first vacation day of the year.

Had to make it count.

Stopped at work for 10 min. Then it got better. Missed the turn for the Original Pancake House, didn’t get Lost Dog parking, and got detoured around Whitlow’s due to construction. The drive ended perfectly — and the day began — with bacon, egg and cheese on sourdough at Earl’s. 

Then affogato of spice hot chocolate and Samoa gelato as the owners told a maybe investor of their passion. To us: “Remember to breathe.”

Bottle of champagne while watching great old school Sesame Street.

Dinner at Co Co Sala, thanks to Living Social. Here we have the start of the “Italian Voyage,” vanilla panna cotta and chocolate in praline soup.

Further into the voyage — chocolate, strawberry and classic tiramisu.

Not pictured here: petit fours, bacon mac and cheese, mac and cheese tart, cheese fritters, and winter and spring cocktails. Today? Count it.

5 thoughts on “Here’s how you take your first vacation day of 2010”

  1. Hello Patrick –

    My name is Bharet and I am the owner of Co Co. Sala. I always like to reach out to people who take the time to take pictures, write, blog, etc. Thanks for coming to my place and I am hopeful that you had a great experience.

    If there is anything I can do to assist down the road, please do not hesitate to ask.

    We are going to be adding and changing the menu around quite a bit actually…we will have a total of 8 Main Desserts very soon and some other interesting things.

    Take care…


  2. Not sure it fully counts as a day off (seriously you stopped at Big Shiny?!?!?!), but it’s good that you took some time for yourself.

  3. Bharet, thanks so much for visiting the site — and thank you for doing the Living Social deal. It led to a great time, and I’ll definitely be back.

    If it helps any, Laura, I did not sit down at my desk. :)

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