Imagining snowstorms past by means of snowstorms present

My dad’s photos Saturday bring consideration of the greatest D.C. snows of my life. Below, welcome to the fam’s front and back yards.

February 1983. I obviously recall nothing, but photo albums show brother Rob, three months old, and I propped up in the alley behind our apartment building. If I am remembering the albums correctly.

January 1987. We get back-to-back snowstorms totaling more 21″. My dad moves my Playskool playhouse to the front yard, and the family turns it into a snow fort. The pictures in the albums show more, but all I remember is how the snow had awesomely consumed my world. This aftermath the single greatest snow-affected moment of my youth.

January 1996. The single worst snow-affected moment of youth. Amid the blizzard, Gonzaga is one of the few high schools not to cancel the school week outright. The week happens to be finals week. So, every day of the week, the fourth biggest snowstorm in city history, exams threaten to come the next day. Fourth biggest storm, greatest killjoy.

February 2003. I’m in Atlanta and wish the snow would happen there.

December 2009, January 2010. First D.C. winter with two 15″ storms.

Whether you’re here, on Fb or on Twitter, share your snow history…

4 thoughts on “Imagining snowstorms past by means of snowstorms present”

  1. Yeah GDS was right there with Gonzaga in ’96. We also had midterms that week and the phrase “But everyone else is canceling midterms!” was oft-heard through the halls, whined by whoever managed to drag themselves to school.

    I also recall the first day school was open almost sliding off the road three times. Anyone with a parked car was well-advised to leave all the snow on as a defensive padding.

  2. My sweet black lab, Tommy the Dog, who is still alive and kicking, was a puppy just trying to make it on his own during the Blizzard of ’96. We found him and his brother shortly after the thaw on my grandparent’s farm. He’s a good ol’ dog!

  3. Ellen, does this post then count as still whining? If yes, I’m okay with that. If we ever invent time travel, first thing we do is correct that.

    Emily, I don’t know where to begin. Your grandparents have a farm. Your dog has a last name. Can’t even decide whether to end those sentences with exclamation points or question marks. Your blizzard of ’96 sounds so much better than mine. And Ellen’s.

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