NYC: The real snow wimps?

D.C. gets a lot of crap for raiding groceries and canceling school when snow comes. I have some arguments against that criticism, but I don’t want to get into them now. What I’d like to do is point out that, when we do cancel school, we don’t send a breaking news alert about it.

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Fri, February 26, 2010 — 6:34 AM ET
Public Schools in New York City Closed Because of Snow

All New York City public schools will be closed on Friday in response to the huge snowstorm that pounded the region overnight.

Dozens of other school districts in New Jersey, Westchester County and Long Island also canceled classes on Friday. Before dawn, snow was still falling heavily, leaving foot-deep drifts in Times Square and turning roads across the region into skating rinks.

That said, New York, you are now our sibling in ridiculous snowfall this winter. You have a right to be crazy, even if it means a breaking news alert. Respect. I’m just saying, don’t rip on us next year. Neither of our cities are Syracuse. I’m sure your people leave money for goods from abandoned supermarkets just like our people do. Right? Am I right?

We kid because we love. And because our blizzards beat yours.

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