Stay strong, snow car

More than a week after the last big snowstorm, one car in the lot out front remains encased in snow. It is fantastic. All the other cars come and go all day. They have pavement beneath them and look normally parked. But snow car remains, a lone ice cube. Hibernating til spring? Putting belief in thaw before belief in shovel? A raised fist vs. winter?

4 thoughts on “Stay strong, snow car”

  1. You see, my brain went straight to “the owner’s in the trunk, no one’s reported him missing, and it’s been too cold for him to start to smell.” I really need to watch less Law & Order.

  2. I can’t remember where in the hell I saw it to link to it, but I saw a great picture of a car so completely buried by snowplows that someone actually took a can of red spray paint to the pile of snow and used it to draw an outline of the car in the snow so the plows wouldn’t try to plow it away.

  3. The backed-in Mercedes SUV to the right of my parking spot hasn’t moved in over two weeks. I guess they’re on vacation. (Good timing.)

    There’s still some snow in front of it but at this rate, it’ll all be melted by the time they use it again.

    (I was in their position during the first storm before Christmas. Didn’t even bother digging out since I wouldn’t be able to drive anyway. When I got back on Dec. 29, it was all melted. Sweet.)

  4. Where is Jerry Orbach when we need him? I mean, dead, yeah, but… The mini-melting the last couple days has been interesting. Melting all over the parking lot except around this car.

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