Stephen Strasburg saves St. Patrick’s Day?

The Nats’ luck appears to be turning — if just on the green merch front. MLB has released its annual St. Patrick’s Day line of green apparel, and the Nats get two hats. But do you know how big this is? This is huge.

Let’s review.

In 2007, we got just one hat. In 2008, we got nothing. In 2009, we got nothing and were among even fewer teams to get nothing. It was your standard Nats losing streak. But now something has happened. We made a few decent signings. And we have Stephen Strasburg.

Two hats! Sure, we’re not the Red Sox with 31 items, the Yankees with 30 (that hooligan hat is pretty good), the Cubs with 28, the Mets with 24, the Phillies with 20, or the Cards with 17. But the Orioles, Padres, Pirates, Rangers, Reds, Rockies, and Royals only get an item each. The Angels, Blue Jays, Diamondbacks, Giants, Marlins, and Rays get zilch.

As good luck goes, we’re now officially middle of the pack.

3 thoughts on “Stephen Strasburg saves St. Patrick’s Day?”

  1. i’ll report back from spring training on the nat’s green-hued offerings. for the past couple of years, the team store in viera has had a couple of hats and even some st. patty’s shirts. i can even send pictures if you think you might want us to mule for you.

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