Turn it loose

WordPress told me this blog was approaching 4,000 posts. I was at a loss for what to do until discovering this James Brown video days ago.

In the nearly eight years since post #1, I’ve given different reasons for starting the blog and continuing to write it: to have a need to code, to keep in touch with friends, to keep my writing in shape, to make some use — any gentle use at all — of a domain name I’d bought for a dollar.

Wasn’t until recently I remembered a moment a month or two before the blog’s start and realized what was likely the biggest reason for it. In the middle of senior year, I had outlets for words (journo friends, a writerly girlfriend and a magazine writing class)┬ábut still had too many of them. I wasn’t use to having that problem. Childhood creativity had turned into adolescent┬áreticence and structured attempts to hit word counts.┬áBut with the end of school now in sight, or restraint timing out, a simple catch-up letter to a friend one day ran to a thousand words.

The words had to go somewhere. The words had to find a home and an order because there would evidently be more words behind them.

It was all odd but necessary compulsion, and stranger still was what happened next. As I began to put the words in homes and give them order, I found I couldn’t stop. I liked finding them places. Sometimes those places were on a page, and sometimes they landed aloud. The talking turned out to be tied to the writing. That was a slow reveal of shock for me. Here I’d spent a couple decades being quiet, one of the more shy kids in any group, watching instead of joining nine times of 10, and a key to breaking through was just finding homes for words.

This blog has never done big traffic or earned great reputation, but if you have any doubt as to what the mystery of expression can do for you, let’s talk. I still struggle all the time with words, but here we are — loosed like I never would’ve hoped. Thanks for reading post 4,000.

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  1. congrats on 4,000! writing on a web site has kept me spinning out far more sentences than i otherwise would have, too. i feel like if our blogs were friends, they would sit next to each other on the school bus. cheers to finding places for words.

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