Word of the day: ‘Disemprobablization’

The word gets created and defined in the explanation of a new social game: “It’s called Glitch because in the far-distant and totally-perfect future, the world starts becoming less and less probable, things fall apart, the center cannot hold, and there occurs what comes to be called the ‘glitch’ — a grave danger of disemprobablization.”

If you love storytelling, the rest of the CNET News article about Glitch’s plot is 100% worth your time. I’m not into massive multi-player worlds. I like to think of the world itself as massively multi-player. You, me, etc. Five points for all of us. But I like narrative development. I like it a lot.

So, when CNET offers the text of the game creator’s first stab at a plot, and then the text of how the story evolved under another writer, and then what concepts inspired the stories, I can’t resist. And neither can you if you’re in need of a fun story or a challenge to your imagination.

Once upon a time, 11 giants got together to create everything past, present and future. Yellow crumb flowers, piggies, seahorses, punchlines, wistfulness, dust storms, green tinges at sunset, you — or rather, they — named it and it was so.

But one day the giants, in their creative fervor, reached into the shadowy recesses of their minds and accidentally created something so dark, so unbearably awful that it robbed them of the collective spring in their step…

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