My favorite version of When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

From this Patrick, happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s to having a go at it.

Also on this April 14, 1963 show? Brothers juggling torches with their feet, clowns blowing up a piano, a German family and bear act, a comic magician, Hungarian acrobats, a trampoline comic, Judy Garland, Cliff Richard, and one of my top five non-Muppet puppets, Topo Gigio.

2 thoughts on “My favorite version of When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”

  1. this is choice, choice stuff, patch. two things i like best: the cigarette in peter’s hand (you just don’t see honest television these days) and the fact that ed seems truly happy — the first time i’ve ever seen him genuinely mirthful (not that i’ve spent a lot of time tracking the moods of ed sullivan).

    anyway, thanks for sharing this. excellent, excellent. and even though your st. patrick’s day is done, i’ve got 25 minutes left here, so i’ll send you an across-the-time-zones tip o’ the derby atcha, sir.

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