In which a work dream tells me I’m getting older

I dreamed my editor guested on a mid-run Cheers episode. He was walking down the street in winter, explaining something to somebody. It was a Kevin McHale-like role, and McHale was possibly also in it. I woke up and had to Google for this just to make sure it didn’t exist.

Didn’t have much to go on, so it took me a few minutes to get what it meant. Realization: The episode fits the model of a Sammy-gets-older episode. He seeks advice from everyone. The non-regular on the move gives good advice.* (Sam: “But that’s our money.” McHale: “Shame on you, Sam, you know it’s the orphans’ money.” Or film Elvis telling Sam about Rebecca. Or early Fraiser. Or Dick Cavett.) Sam already knows what’s going to make him happy, and he just has to hear the news.

*On the move is key. Otherwise, you’re counting bolts in Boston.

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