Tiger Beat, here I come

(Notes: Kids, Patrick Cooper requires a college diploma or equivalent life experience. Also, I kid about Al’s suit with respect. I can only hope to peacock half as well in decades to come. And elsewhere in the pix, Al wears this tie-vest combo better than any 86-year-old ever has.)

My awful Blackberry camera did nothing to capture the attitude of this year’s Free Spirit Scholars. Field-tripping to USAT mid-last month (their founder is our founder, Al Neuharth), the group lived up to its name.

After too many sessions talking to morose collegians with no intention of going into the field, the Free Spirit high school seniors were openly crazy about journalism. They asked terrific questions, filled our big hall with more energy than I’ve ever seen there, hopped on stage to take pix, and, by the looks of their Facebook gallery, did so all over town.

A scholarship selection committee had done its job. The students were smart free spirits. There was one area, though, where they grew more serious. In that class Facebook gallery, sent my way, the captions on the pix from their USAT trip couldn’t have been more straight-forward.

Like, “Multimedia manager.” Or “Re-write manager.” Or “Editor of the Front Page.” Or “Editor of the Sports section.” Or “Editor-in-chief John Hillkirk.” Even Al’s White Stripes-est suit ever was soberly captioned.

But there was a lone exception: I was a piece of meat. Ur welcome.

5 thoughts on “Tiger Beat, here I come”

  1. Patrick, the young ladies love you. I thought this would have been one of your major takeaways from Salzburg.

  2. Yeah, it sucks to be you, doesn’t it? And in that gallery, there is another pic of Al in the red suit coat, which I am torn by: Part of me thinks zoot suit, part thinks school uniform. But in the other picture he appears to be wearing red shoes.

  3. Clare! Did I miss that? Was I paying too much attention to the Knight Foundation and Outlook? (To ex-boss Joel, if he reads this, you’re welcome.)

    And, yeah, Matt, the 7th year of being asked if I’m an intern is getting a little annoying. A little. I want to tell them: “Are you kidding me? Matt taught me CMS before you were born! We worked on the fifth floor then…. No, it wasn’t as spooky with people there. [Insert Scooby Doo plot here.]” I sure hope he’s wearing red shoes. If he is, then there’s hope for the rest of us.

  4. Good point, I apologize. At least they labeled you as a future newsroom affair/boss. And the bad guy in Scooby Doo had it right: those darn kids.

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