Patrick: The bleeding continues

My first name has suffered its 15th straight year of losses, according to Social Security’s baby name list. Patrick fell to 129th place among boys in 2009, two spots below last year and its worst showing since 1928.

Meanwhile, continuing last year’s worrisome trend, Cooper as a boy first name improved to 84th place. The only good news was that the name still didn’t hit the girl list. And Cooper Patrick had a good year.

I’m at a loss. Patrick Dempsey, Neil Patrick Harris, Danica Patrick, the death of Patrick Swayze? Did they do nothing for our Patrick people?

2 thoughts on “Patrick: The bleeding continues”

  1. Sadly, 2009 was the first year Matthew fell out of the top 10 since the year after I was born. Obviously, the Matt trend I started is losing its strength.

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