September 2002 sent mail

Special thanks today to my first USAT boss+mentor, Jody Brannon.

Hi Jody,
I am indeed still getting e-mail here. Sorry I didn’t a chance to get back to you earlier; work was busy today. Anyway, how are you? I’m calling/writing to reconnect as well as get your thoughts on a couple job openings.

… I got to wondering about the Assistant Life Editor and Assistant News Director positions. What does “producing” mean at USA Today? Is the Assistant Life Editor job similar to assistant producing at About the Assistant News Director role, how much journalism experience is necessary? Are the breaking news and creative aspects of that job as terrific as they sound? These jobs could be years out of my reach for all I know, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to find out the details. New media and the online-print junction excite me more than ever these days.

Thank you for taking a chance on me! (And then making me stay!)

4 thoughts on “September 2002 sent mail”

  1. My friend, knowing you since you were a protege at, lemme clearly and irrevocably say: I knew I was not taking a chance. I always felt we were lucky to have *you*. Certainly, my stock rose as the manager with a nose for talent.

    Congrats to NPR!

  2. Congrats on the new gig, and happy birthday, too.

    I remember my first phone call from Jody, something along the lines of… “Funny you should call: we just had an intern drop out for the summer. Why don’t you come in, we’ll chat, and you’ll take a test. Oh, you’re willing to work nights and weekends, right?”

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