Yesterday’s Rebel lunch

Act of rebellion #1: Lunch from the Rebel Heroes truck in Rosslyn.

Act of rebellion #2: Macho Meatball in the insurgent Temporary Plaza.

Act of rebellion #3: Walking home through elevated Freedom Park. 

Act of rebellion #4: Photographing the Center without permission.

(Seriously? $600k townhouses and that’s your office signage?)

In other news, the sandwich was amazing. So much flavor on a sunny day. Also, I found a road connected to a ramp where I could’ve taken a small shortcut to work the last five years. Will use it for other things.

Other, rebellious things.

3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Rebel lunch”

  1. Yum! I’ve heard about this Vietnamese banh Mi truck and have been curious to try it. Have you had the ones in Eden?

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