Cameos in ‘The Best Campaign Video You’ll See All Year’

Tweets the Washington City Paper last night: “Ward One Candidate Bryan Weaver Produces Funkiest Ad of Campaign Season – tightt.” Friend Josh retweets it, and hey, there’s me and Meghan! Find us at the 1:35 mark. Remember the morning of the cereal restaurant and doughnuts? The final photo there shows the taping of this video.

That photo, showing a shot they didn’t use:

DCist calls it “The Best Campaign Video You’ll See All Year.”

As you know, this blog takes no political stands. But this blog strongly endorses: Sly and the Family Stone’s Underdog, all doughnuts, funny campaign videos regardless of the politics, and things that are meta.

Because, you see, as we sit in the background, we’re talking with one of his volunteers — the guy who plays the mugger — about the video in which we’re now appearing. We’re so meta we don’t know even it.

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