Good music, no medical disasters

All that Grey’s Anatomy-viewing finally paid off. I went to Mat Kearney‘s show tonight at Sixth and I Historic Synagogue and knew about half a dozen songs, which was about half a dozen more than I expected.

The man played a good, fun show. He hit all the notes from the studio, got creative about how he put the songs across, talked about visiting museums today, questioned the proud weirdness of our District license plate, spun his hat-wearing self-awareness into storytelling and stage presence, and asked who in the crowd could play drums. A kid yelled from the back balcony. Kearney had him run downstairs and gave him an old yellow suitcase to tap a foot on. The kid turned out to be able to rock the beat and some inspired fills (Kearney: “I feel like I’ve been punked”) as Kearney, to finish winning my respect, sang Dancing in the Dark. I should have remembered his Atlantic City cover from last year.

Thank you to Sheri for leading the group outing — I wish I could think of a phrase other than “group outing” because it sounds like now we have to go back to the ward or our cells, but it’s late and I’m beat — and thank you to Ella’s pizza for being delicious. Also, very cool to see the heralded Sixth and I interior for the first time. Sound was muddy, but the space was friendly and intimate. I’d go back for more shows.

Lastly, because you’re wondering the same thing, Wikipedia: “Kearney has stated that his legal name is Mathew due to a nurses error on his birth certificate. He discovered the error while in the 8th grade when he noticed how his mom corrected the error with red ink, never legally correcting it. Since then, he embraced the one T in his legal name.”

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