Rescued dog day afternoon

Meghan and I went north to Elizabeth and Justin’s home to meet dogs.

Beyond our shared Medill pride, we went for Walter (shown sitting).

Walter was a rescued dog — predecessor and hero to all dogs there.

There was also a kitten who lived in the bathroom. 

Fun times were had by all except Simon, an orange cat who ventured downstairs at the wrong time, caught the attention of a three-legged dog who proved quicker than everyone else in the room and sparked an all-dog chase followed by all-owner chase of fantastic proportions.

Simon emerged without injury.

Next was Brewer’s Art with Steve — an all-star Medill afternoon — and it turned out he went to high school with cousin Tim. He and Meghan told me the downstairs was a dungeon. They were right. But it was a comfy one. We drank beers named Wit Trash, Sluggo and Resurrection.

On our way out, we found sunset shining off the opposing building. 

How could the weather have run so hot? Staying cool felt like success.

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