In honor of Elvis Week

Rob e-mails: “Seen inside a restaurant supply store on the Bowery.” 

My favorite Elvis Week piece so far is the Commercial Appeal’s “Memphis accordion virtuoso reveals close musical encounters with Elvis.” Yessir:

Barrasso was playing his accordion with his back to some winding stairs at that first Graceland party when he suddenly sensed Elvis was coming down the steps.

“I turned around. He was in a black Bolero tux, like a bullfighter tux. Black shiny boots. No shirt. A white silk ascot. A diamond stick pin that I promise would put your eyes out,” he said. “On his left shoulder was a chimpanzee dressed exactly like him.”

The chimpanzee was “Scatter,” who had recently been in a movie with Elvis.

8 thoughts on “In honor of Elvis Week”

  1. I have no idea how you didn’t know this. Twice, as a child, I was Elvis for Halloween. Once regular Elvis and once Elvis sighted at the supermarket. That show sounds wild. Like the Jungle Room in full bloom. Or something.

  2. you know, we’ve never had anything in common and all these years i’ve wondered why it is that i’m friends with you.

    it’s nice to finally know the answer.

  3. Two things (and how did I not see this earlier?):

    1. A one-column hed I once wrote for The Commercial Appeal about an Elvis impersonator who had been arrested for a petty crime spree, but subsequently had the charges dropped:

    ‘Subway Elvis’
    Cleared Despite
    Suspicious Minds

    2. The Night of 100 Elvises must be attended, if you haven’t already:

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