To close Elvis Week, we learn something

Elvis Week, you know, is a week on, not a week off. This year, in a true Elvis Week miracle, friend Colleen and I learned a reason we’ve never been enemies is that we both love the King. God bless us, everyone!

So, it was also nice to come across a No Depression essay, “The Top 30 Recordings of Elvis Presley.” The essay, the author explained, “would have been better titled ’30 Great Elvis Songs that Have Mostly Been Forgotten’ but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it and wouldn’t apply to some of the material here.” Half the songs I’d somehow never heard before. To catch up, I ran to YouTube, an underrated Elvis spot.

Song I never truly appreciated until now: Long Black Limousine.

Song I’d loved but hadn’t thought of in years: Baby, Let’s Play House.

Song you possibly haven’t heard and may like the most: Don’t.

Song totally new to me and could’ve been a classic James Bond theme song if they had pumped it up and worked on it more: Edge of Reality.

Song that makes you want an Elvis and Glen duet: Gentle on My Mind.

Song that’s fun in its released form, but between that version and its stripped demo, you know it could’ve been all kinds of bluesy awesome.

I had to leave town for a little while,
You said you’d be good while I’m gone,
But the look in your eye done told me you told a lie,
I know there’s been some carryin’ on

Baby (baby), you wearin’ that loved-on look
Shoop, shoop, shoop shoop,
Baby (baby), you wearin’ that loved-on look

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