And then we arm-wrestled Strasburg

An event. An arrow! What event? Where were we?

Looks like a fancy meal to me. It’s a shame that man arrived in shorts.

But wait! What kind of a fancy meal has lots of hot dogs and beer?

Answer: A LivingSocial all-you-can-eat-and-drink-and-tour Nats day.

The deal was $35, and I was determined to get my money’s worth.

Dugout: Espinosa is so super, he gets two cubbies. Dunn is sensitive.

Thinking of the kids, friend Lisa hides her chewing tobacco in photos.

This would be @btrpkc calling the shots from the Nationals du... on TwitpicVia Twitpic, I call for Strasburg to tough it out, Dibble style, and pitch left-handed. If not him, then a magical, mythical player named Zimmermannn with three Ns. The dugout just fascinates me. Did I miss my calling as an old-timey player-manager?

You bet your Pete Rose I did. Tough.

Great quote in the tunnel from the dugout to the clubhouse.

In the bowels of the stadium, batting cages and the Nats BP pitchers.

Look at that swing. Hobbs and Griffey Jr. would be jealous. 

Named in the Mitchell Report but has never admitted use.

Then we explore the lower levels more. This is where the beer lives.

You cannot bring your mother into the clubhouse.

Then, trouble. First, Lisa walks onto the outfield grass. Staff yells. Then we go to the bullpen, apparently off limits. Staff yells. We need beer.

In a fan lounge, a wall-spanning shot of the first game at the new park. I zoom on where Jess and I sat, but no luck finding us yet.

Never seen this before: Washington scores its only title-winning run.

Upstairs, Shirley Povich’s scorecard from Don Larsen’s perfect game.

Nice view from the press box. First time this high at the stadium.

Back to the bowels, this time inside the clubhouse. Huge and rich.

Second-best thing: The poster explaining how to wear your uniform.

Best thing: One of the lockers is a lost and found, complete with sign.

LivingSocial, Nationals front office, I think we got our money’s worth.

Along the wall of the dining room where we’d eaten earlier.

Despite losing, Washington baseball feels more at home every year.

(But please let Teddy win.)

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