Pix: Hunting the lobster roll truck

I’d been following the lobster roll truck on Twitter for weeks, but friend Hilary beat me to realizing how close it was coming to our workplaces. She put out an alert. Colleague Sondra and I hustled to Metro Center.

As we waited on a street corner and then in a mysterious line, the Red Hook Lobster DC truck arrived. A kindly man in a yellow suit stepped out of line, moved his car from a spot and allowed the truck to pull in.

Mr. Yellow then returned for a free lobster roll — the truck’s standing reward for getting it a parking space — and the line grew wildly long.

… Finally making it to the front, my Internet-loving head was satisfied before my lobster-loving belly. The truck took credit cards with an iPad and a Square device, the first time I’d seen one. Signed with my finger.

“Can I have seven lobster rolls?” Lady: “No!” Hilary jumps. Lady kids.

We return to our offices, and I take a meeting with my Maine lobster roll, bag of chips, huge whoopie pie, and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

And the rolls? Hilary reviewed hers here. In part: “The Lobster Truck owners drive up to Maine weekly to get fresh lobsters and you could tell that they weren’t messing around. Our sweetly succulent lobster meat was mixed with mayo, scallions, celery and special seasoning.”

Me, I liked my roll a lot, but it didn’t beat Tacklebox for me. I wanted a little more mayo to hold things together. But I’d go back in a second if the line was right. Next up for my hunger in the meantime? Eat Wonky, the new D.C. poutine truck. Fries, gravy, cheese, and the friendliness of our neighbors to the north. Hooked me years ago. Time for more.

5 thoughts on “Pix: Hunting the lobster roll truck”

  1. Disclaimer — I havent braved the line, and Im not inclined to after seeing it a few times. Lobster shouldnt need anything but perhaps some butter or a little mayo. Scallions, celery (!!!) and other junk just shows that they’ve lived in Red Hook, LI, too long. Shameful. Bath shakes its head at its native daughter. The Friendship lobsters weep.

    And the chips arent even Humpty Dumpty. Blasphemous. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humpty_Dumpty_Snack_Foods

    As for the poutine, if I was a Québécois, I’d likely be as much of a pain in the ass with my (pre)/review of Eat Wonky. Thankfully, Im a Maine girl. May the cheese curds squeak loudly.

  2. I think Square could be huge, and I’m equally fascinated with why it hasn’t caught on more widely yet. Would have expected the summer and fair season to be the potentially biggest period for them. When it gets cold, everyone goes inside, and there are already credit card machines inside. Maybe back to school could be interesting for them — continued events and fundraising needs but minimal existing infrastructure to support those needs.

    On the Red Hook roll, Jess, I’d say the other stuff was minimal. Your criticism here gets pretty personal toward a fellow Mainer (who’s also driving to Maine every weekend to bring lobsters to the people). Try them before you hit them upside the head with a lobster!

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