The shining, flying, eating, drinking, exploding river

Lessons learned at yesterday’s grand opening festival for Yards Park, on the Anacostia riverfront, just upstream from the Nationals Ballpark:

The renewed riverfront is beautiful. People are going to pack the place one day. Fireboats are cool. Same, kayakers who want beer. Art wants to be free. Kids want to be free to dance. Trapeze school is not for the masses. Except for kids with hearts of steel. And men with pants of…

Eat Wonky’s poutine meets high hopes. When people ask if the cheese is squeaky, say yes. Follow fries with the chocolate mint whoopie pie. A Red-Headed Stranger is on your side. Same for Dirty Harry. When the random dude’s photo of me in front of Clint appears on Flickr, I want it.

Cheer for the Central Virginia band that plays Lil’ Jon and the East Side Boyz’ Get Low, and manages to keep the song child-danceable. Quaff the various Capitol City beers as the sun disappears, and don’t decide on a favorite. Lean on the river railing and get the clearest view you’ve ever had of a massive fireworks display. Let the fireworks come at you. Don’t let your friend fall into the fountain, but have that camera ready.

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