Top five things that probably aren’t in the movie version

Having not seen The Switch with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, but having just read the inspiration — Jeffrey Eugenides’ 1996 Baster:

1. The abortions.
2. Dan Rather.
3. Mirabella.
4. Letters delivered through the mail.
5. Norman Schwarzkopf.

Was it a thing with Tina Brown’s New Yorker to make the cartoons and poems thematic with the articles? One of each in the short story’s first few pages matched the your-youth-is-running-out-now-ness. Not that reading the first few pages was easy. Distracting in the digital edition:

2 thoughts on “Top five things that probably aren’t in the movie version”

  1. Your prediction was completely right-on — those five items were omitted from the movie version, which incidentally is worth seeing for the adorable little boy if nothing else. Oh, and as a big fan of Middlesex I was very surprised to learn from your post that another Eugenides’ work inspired this movie — will have to check it out.

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