Why is there no pretzel truck?

I ask the question upon watching the Rold Gold baker use this truck to deliver pretzels to the retail pretzelocracy — the landed, salted gentry, the privileged pretzougsie stacking their dollars atop the pretzletariat’s bricks, mortar and dough. If Sizzler and Subway can start trucks, why can’t pretzels? Or how about you, competing Snyder’s of Hanover? The street trucking’s deep in your blood: “In the 1920’s, Grandma Eda and Edward Snyder II began frying potato chips in a kettle at their home on Centennial Avenue during the summer months and peddling the home cooked snack door-to-door and to fairs and farmers’ markets.”

(Also, glancing at my kitchen cupboards and ignoring my natural desire for a cereal truck — cereal restaurants need to improve on their model before they go mobile — where are our pasta trucks? When is CapMac hitting the streets? Soon, I hope. Bring on the pasta and bombolini.)

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