Only six food trucks, but we all float on okay

Friend Randy and I shared a dream last week: to run the table at the D.C. Curbside Cook-off. To eat at each of the 20 trucks and be able to proclaim a personal winner among them. In the early morning hours of Thursday, as the trucks were arriving down the street from our NPR office, this goal seemed reasonable. By lunchtime, it was out of reach.

Packs of ravenous Gen X and Yers descended on CityCenter like mall teens, the lobster roll truck as Bieiber and Eat Wonky as Drake. Friend Sheri and I agreed days later the scene would’ve been a great place to meet people if we all hadn’t been hustling to get through the hour lines and get back to our offices. So, I went back after work for more.

Lunch: Sweetflow tart frozen yogurt with bananas, strawberries and chocolate chips. Different but balanced well and had minimal lines.

Lunch: Then tried the Fry Captain for duck-fat fries, but he had run out of all fries. So, settled (ha!) for a coconut-frosted chocolate cupcake at Sweetbites. Amid the trucks and a beat-thumping DJ on stage, I took a phone call. Hello, 401(k) rollover guy! He volunteered to call back later.

Dinner: After work, I stopped on my way home and had quick luck. D.C. Empanadas had the Ménage à Trois — brie, figs and Marcona almonds.

Dinner: Then the chocolate-on-chocolate cupcake at Lovebites and the cream-cheese-frosting-on-carrot-cake cupcake at Curbside Cupcakes.

Dinner: Ended with DC Slices, which along with Wonky is better than the Post‘s reviewing. (Key note: I didn’t hit Wonky because I’d already been there earlier in the week. As amazing as it was the first time.) 

On Friday, I planned to go back at lunch, but things got busy at work, and I missed lunch entirely. There was also talk with a group of people about going at dinner, but by the time we got there, all the trucks had big lines or were shutting down. But that was okay with us because…

Beer floats! Friend Karen had discovered the concept of a beer float at nearby Againn, so she got people together to taste-test this mix of, yes, beer and ice cream. Friend Demian made a solid recommendation on his way out the door at work — go with dark beer, light ice cream — and stout+vanilla was a winner. The taste was odd at first but made your day as you worked down the glass, and the flavors fully mixed.

To end the night, we attempted Cuba Libre — with discounted prices, the crowd was going to be a Castro speech of a wait — and ended up at Zaytinya. I hadn’t been since the place had switched to its mezze menu (possibly years ago now?). We ate well and healthy, or at least that’s what the arak told me. The drink happily burned off the week.

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