Beautiful weekend beats blog updates

Lindsay came to town this weekend, and Washington lucked into fall skies that would make summer jealous. We took off around the city.

Friday, taking a comp day, lobster rolls and lemonade at Tacklebox.

Dessert crepes at Choupi. Later, the Portrait Gallery for the fun Elvis show and Againn and Rira for Laura and Jen’s birthdays, respectively.

Saturday, hens at the farmers’ market! But we did not eat them.

Devouring pizzas at the Pupatella miracle, then pie at Silver Diner.

Sunday, drove out 66 and some small roads to Clifton, Va.

Vanilla pork belly, duck confit and cheese grits at Trummer’s on Main.

Hanging off an old caboose, then getting mapless-good-lost…

Finding Virginia’s new best white at Paradise Springs. Then Vint Hill.

Back to the city to make the best pumpkin ravioli sauce ever made.

The weekend’s song… “So the very next day when I punched in…”

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