Beignets, welcome to the neighborhood

Bayou Bakery has opened in my neighborhood, and I’m taking my first taste tonight. It’s a work-heavy night, so I’m just getting¬†Louisiana lite to go.¬†Turkey meatballs, deviled eggs, salad, beignets. I’m planning to go back soon and have a seat for the deeper cuts: gumbo, arm drip — a roast beef, gravy and debris sandwich, the boss says — and beers.

Early report: The turkey meatballs are the best I’ve had in some time, good taste balance without overloading the spicy. Deviled eggs, that’s where the spicy shows up, generous kick with generous deviled yolks. With salad, I just have a simple one, but you know I love croutons with character — not let down here. Beignets… baby, that’s why we’re here, right here, right now, in this moment. Hot and fresh and covering me in powdered sugar in a way that’s going to get me through this winter.

The Bayou opening is just soft so far, and the crew is still learning the registers and kitchen techniques. But everyone couldn’t be nicer, and the food comes up quicker than expected for this point in the start. The space is a mix of functional and chill. The lighting’s a little unbalanced, but whatever. I’m looking forward to getting back soon for a table.

A few years ago, if you’ll recall, I wanted a Krispy Kreme and a cereal joint to arrive next door. There was no luck on either, but Cereal Bowl opened in Cleveland Park. Was just there Saturday with friend Jessica, and a 20-minute drive isn’t too bad for crazy cereal mixes. The Krispy Kreme, well, I couldn’t help corporate America. Since then, I’ve been waiting for a neighborhood place to help me forget those dreams of deliciousness. The Peruvian-Asian spot didn’t do it. Camille’s didn’t do it. Sushi Rock’s proven a good distraction, but it hasn’t changed lives.

I have high hopes for Bayou Bakery. We need to chase some hoodoo.

Music as I crack open the work laptop… Obligatory, necessary, thanks to my Dad for keeping the Gold LP around the basement, Creedence:

I may be biased toward bayous just because of this song’s chooglin’.

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  1. I’m okay with swamp fever if it gets mashed-up with three-minute pop perfection. (Or an 11-minute Heard It Through the Grapevine.) But I am enjoying Mr. Simien’s streaming now — and would like to name his Flash intro officially my favorite Flash intro ever.

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