It’s been a good fall for eating

Let’s recap. (In photos!)

Ted’s Bulletin with Meghan, introducing me to Barracks Row. Highlights include pie-crust Pop Tarts, a newspaper menu and Oreo milkshake.

PS7 with Lisa, introducing her to her neighborhood. Cereal milk drink, pumpkin drink, then tuna sliders and bacon-wrapped mac and cheese.

Dangerously Delicious pie truck with Aly and Vincent. Slices of BBQ pork and apple for me. Previously, the visit to the H Street D.D. location.

Eat Wonky truck with Jen and Stephanie. First time with Wonky Dog.

Iron Gate Restaurant with Karen, beating the clock by just a few days on its closing. Lucked into amazing late October weather, sat outside.

Bibiana’s $15 pasta-wine-sorbet lunch deal with Demian and Javaun.

My brother‘s birthday! Ribs and ice cream-covered angel food cake.

Coco Sala, then Columbia Room with Colleen, who received Coco chef greetings and a Derek Brown hug. Lobster crostini, portobello risotto and so much more, leading up to the best martini I’ve ever tasted. I’m not a martini guy, but getting layers of taste into the taste was wild.

Northside Social egg and interview with Laura, followed by my…

…walking home through Clarendon Day, with chocolate sandwiches.

Skipping Bigg Poppa Kettle Korn to get a should-be-prize-winning beef shawarma at Sauca truck. Thanks to whatever dubious medical device maker paid the truck for a rare, Segway-laden Mt. Vernon Square visit.

Larry’s Ice Cream, as Laura and I theorized on the couple at the next table. Coed and her English prof? Sumner Sloane written all over it.

Not pictured: so many other meals where I failed to take pix, probably because all the food disappeared before I could pull out the camera or take a shot. Busboys, Twisted Vines, Melting Pot, BGR, looking at you.

(Postscript: Add Aria tonight with Hilary. Not amazing in any way, but I like where they’re going with things. Pizzas at $8, no bottle over $30, colors and space that attempt to springboard off the place’s summer outdoor success. Work in progress, good spot for hanging out.)

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