Photos so high up they can only be cropped vertically

Friend Sheri and I went Sunday to¬†Sandy Spring Adventure Park. We both hate heights, so why not, right? Thank you, LivingSocial. Beyond all the meals this year, you’ve given me my first: pistol shooting, high-speed go-karts, bullpen ejections, and now zip-line, tree-top, tip-on-the-tightrope, first-taste-of-true-fear-in-years hijinks. Damn fine job.

All, if you get a weekend to go to Sandy Spring, go. I hadn’t done this kind of stuff since the sixth grade, and Sheri had never done it. But the staff and safety equipment made the experience foolproof. Not that it wasn’t terrifying. The ladders got me good. I sang to myself the whole back half of the more advanced course we did. Thank you, Mr. Sinatra.

Back on the ground at the end, we were so ready for beer and pizzas and resting heart rates. But Rocket J. Squirrel! We sure had some fun.

8 thoughts on “Photos so high up they can only be cropped vertically”

  1. I believe that first pic is higher than I have ever gotten on a climb. I guess I need to jump out of a plane to regain height superiority.

  2. You’d have me beat there. That’s on my never-do list! Climbing, you’re going to have me beat for a while. At least until I figure why I hate straight up and down. Then we’ll see.

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