When CMS stands for cupcake management system

My internal mantra the past month or so has been “Patrick Cooper is not a content management system.” But when the grand opening of the Crumbs cupcake shop in Penn Quarter coincided with a pre-dawn training time, I had to wonder about cupcake management systems.

A cupcake management system — or CMS — I would not mind being.

For instance, a cupcake management system needs its users.

A cupcake management system is based on delicious templates.

A cupcake management system is scalable. As big as your head.

A cupcake management system collects different types of content.

A cupcake management system allows for easy input. Into my mouth.

So easy I forgot to take a picture of my free Blackbottom Cheesecake Cupcake before taking my first bite, which almost always happens.

Black-bottom cheesecake cupcake from CrumbsAt right, a Flickr user has a much better picture.¬†Crumbs’ description of the work in their fliers: “A brownie cupcake with cheesecake baked in, frosted with vanilla cream cheese frosting, covered with brownie chunks, decorated with a vanilla cream cheese drizzle.

The taste did not let me down. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing, but I know me. I so did.

Bonus: As we waited in line for Crumbs to open, a man next door was making something amazing and amazingly difficult from books. A house of cards? A Christmas tree? What is it? If anyone knows, give a shout.

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