Finally, we hit the mac-and-cheese truck

I’ve been following CapMacDC on Twitter for months. Even before the truck started rolling, I was following. When the owners asked for ideas on food containers, I suggested they pour the pasta right in my hands.

When CapMac did hit the D.C. streets, I waited for it to come by. The truck went to McPherson Square, Dupont, Farragut, even as close as Metro Center, but the truck never made it to Chinatown or Mt. Vernon Square. And my NPR coworkers were waiting too. When the Captain announced a Chinatown run yesterday, we were ready. As I told desk-neighbor Sondra about the truck’s glories, as she’d made a great mac-and-cheese recently for our cube fam, colleague Aly was planning with her desk-neighbor Nelson and shooting me an e-mail. Noon? Yeah.

Fellow neighbors Stephanie, Demian and Max joined us. We braved the brutal cold on 7th Street, found the line short but steady, took photos, hid in the warm Portrait Gallery atrium, and inhaled our food.

How was it? Completely lived up to high expectations. The mac was a familiar friend. The crumbled Cheez-Its on top put your friend in a top hat. While working the mac, I may have eaten my fork. We also tried the truck’s new soup: butternut squash with “brown butter croutons and whipped goatcheese.” On a frigid day, the soup tasted genius.

Nelson captures us at the truck:

Aly, along with documenting the mac, got us saluting the Captain:

(Should saluting the Captain become a thing for the truck’s followers? Yes. You think I’m kidding? Find the truck and get the mac and soup.)


3 thoughts on “Finally, we hit the mac-and-cheese truck”

  1. Your experience sounds AH-MAY-ZING! I wish I had paid closer attention to their feeds cuz I’ve been meaning to try them out. How many diff varieties of mac did you have to choose from?

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