Food trucks (and carts) I have known — 2011 check-in

The Fry Captain running out of fries aside, it’s been a successful year.

In the rankings I keep in my heart, the mac-and-cheese truck, the pie truck, the crepe cart, and the poutine truck tie for #1. And you? What do you rank as your best trucks of ’10? Here’s my year. Tell me yours.

-Big Cheese (get the Mt. Fuji!)
-District Taco (pictured below en route to breakfast taco)
-Takorean (pictured at right en route to my belly)

November (I think):
-Dangerously Delicious

-Curbside Cupcakes
-DC Empanadas
-DC Slices

Eat Wonky
Red Hook Lobster DC


Rebel Heroes

Goals for 2011: Bada Bing cheesesteaks. BBQ Bandidos. Fojol Bros. Fry Captain. PORC. Solar Crepes. Whatever the streets decide to bring us.

And I’m serious about Big Cheese and the Mt. Fuji. Brie and apple! Try the tomato soup if you can as well. The truck was the NPR Digital Food Truck Collective’s most recent win. Looking forward to having it again.

2 thoughts on “Food trucks (and carts) I have known — 2011 check-in”

  1. I love that we’re a “collective” now. :)

    My big food truck “win” for the year was District Taco — even moreso now that they have the restaurant. Being from Tucson, I often lament the lack of good Mexican food here. DT’s on the right track. The barbacoa and carnitas are very good, and the owner is super-nice.

    Second would be Pupatella (though that may not count, b/c I discovered them via the restaurant, after they had closed the food cart).

    I do like Solar Crepes, but it’s a little slow. Wasn’t impressed w/ the “knewtella” crepe (kind of gritty), but the other breakfast crepe I’ve had there was very good.

    I’m still on the fence about The Big Cheese. The swiss/mushroom sandwich and tomato soup I had there last time weren’t very good. (And I’m still sorta mourning the loss of Rebel Heroes.) I’m willing to give them another chance, though. Maybe not the brie/apple, but another sandwich.

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