‘All love letters are / Ridiculous’

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. I’m not in position to truly celebrate it this year, and people not in that position often hate the holiday. But I don’t hate it. I can’t. Even when most conflicted, hating today is impossible. I don’t know about you, but let’s celebrate both sides of this crazy coin.

(Yeah, it’s kind of amazing weather in D.C. today too.)

For instance…

McSweeney’s new “Donald Rumsfeld: Love Doctor“? Made my hour for an hour last week. First line: “In love there are things you know, and things you don’t know, and things you don’t know you don’t know.”

The New York Times writes a Vows piece about the marriage of the St. Paul Winter Carnival’s ice king (age 80) and snow queen (age 75). The piece is fantastic, and it makes up for all the infidelity-dismissing Vows has done. My favorite quote comes from the bride. She describes how life was normal until she realized her feelings. But the first half of her quote is such a beautiful setup: “You’re looking out of the same eyes as you did at 30, and it’s still the same world, with trees and snow.”

Nerve ranks every Motown song ever to hit No. 1 with the word “love” in the title, and the order is odd but enjoyable. Through a few clicks, it also leads me to David Ruffin’s sublime, heartbreaking Statue of a Fool.

Then there’s the Slate round-up that reminded me of how I felt about the day. The story collected favorite love poems from the site’s staff. Below were ones I liked most from the bunch (go and choose yours):

Everything Good between Men and Women.” C.D. Wright’s opening lines: “has been written in mud and butter / and barbecue sauce…”

somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond.” e.e. cummings on us opening each other’s souls (or minds or bodies) “petal by petal.”

Topography.” Sharon Olds: “my Kansas burning against your Kansas your Kansas burning against my Kansas” and all of it very un-Kansas.

Untitled, I think, by Fernando Pessoa. 1st stanza: “All love letters are / Ridiculous. / They wouldn’t be love letters if they weren’t / Ridiculous.”

What I’m probably going to read tonight: another couple stories from the My Mistress’s Sparrow Is Dead love and anti-love anthology, which I’m slowly… working my way through. Have some fun singing anyway, you know? No position’s too perfect, and you can’t go wrong singing. It’s a kind of New Year. Auld Lang Syne wishes with Ryan/Alejandro:

2 thoughts on “‘All love letters are / Ridiculous’”

  1. Are you paying the blog bills? Got a bounceback from the e-mail address. Are the text limits and publishing functions next? Ha! Thought I’d pop in to make sure you were still here, and say hi and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Uh oh — the blog bills are paid! This worries me some, thank you for letting me know. My Valentine’s Day involved a trip to the mac and cheese truck and a couple hours of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Hope yours was more fun!

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