Congress on Ice

(Better than IceKpades?)

Thursday evening, friend Beth got us out to the annual Lawmakers vs. Lobbyists hockey game. Played at the Verizon Center for the first time, the game benefited programs at the Ft. Dupont rink, where Beth plays hockey and, for me, Gonzaga has home ice. Marquee players included John Kerry and Anthony Weiner, but both parties had representation. Remaining impartial, which — yes — is the norm at NPR, we cheered the loudest for Caps owner Ted Leonsis, welcoming us all. Go Caps.

A bunch of mascots were in attendance, and Buffalo’s Sabretooth gave me a looking-out. Beth’s friend Claire and I debated mascot intensity. I attributed my love of cartoon-y mascots for growing up with the Oriole Bird cartoon era. But of course we ragged on Screech the Fat Chicken.

I didn’t get a picture of Kerry, but we watched in silence as he put his helmet over that hair. We decided the hair was probably unmoved. But I did get a picture of Weiner in goal. I still regret not capturing a line of chatter he gave me a decade ago at a Congressional Baseball Game.

The Lobbyists won 5-3, but the contest was tied midway through the 3rd, until the Lobbyists added a go-ahead and an empty-netter. The Daily Caller appeared to haveĀ the most complete gamer, with mention of GOP House aide Gerrit Lansing’s totally beautiful end-to-end run. At game’s end, the handshakes took forever, which amused us greatly.

We went to Clyde’s afterward for a round of beers and some food. As we were leaving, I think it was friend Andrew who said, “What’s going on over there?” There for a post-game player reception (NHL lobbying at work) was the one, the only… Stanley Cup. We were a little awed.

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