Five Irish things I love right now

1. The rock-and-roll Finn McCool now playing at the Woolly Mammoth. Friend Lisa and I saw the musical in appropriate form, starting with the Cava sangria at Jaleo and then crossing the metaphorical Iberian land bridge to the theater beer stand. The show was a hit at D.C.’s Fringe festival last summer, and it won over our small audience (in the small Woolly rehearsal space) as well. Reviews said to ignore the plot, and they were right on. I’d read a book on Irish folk hero McCool as a kid. The plot confused me even then. Long story short, he saved Ireland, and that act — and electric guitars — made the performance a winner.

2. My shamrock plant. After years of disasters (yes, three links there) with my earlier shamrocks, the one fromĀ last year is still going strong.

3. Dropkick Murphys feat. Mr. Bruce Springsteen, Peg O’ My Heart. Damn the lawyers for knocking this song off YouTube. You’re going to have to settle forĀ the iTunes preview page and understand that the rest of the song is as excellent as the sample you hear. I’m biased toward Bruce, but unless you live in some alternative universe that a lovely drinking song that also works as a drink-y love song, you’re going to agree.

4. This vanity plate, via Melissa.

5. Beeramisu. This Serious Eats article Jess forwarded combines two of my favorite things. In the words of one commenter, “I mostly just want to keep saying ‘Beeramisu!’ over and over again. That has got to be one of the best made-up words ever.” Happy St. Patrick’s Day, all.

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